S’Kool Smartz offers complete brochure account servicing packages to facilitate your fundraising catalog sales efforts. Our programs will enable you to maximize your company profits, outsource customer service and reduce or eliminate your risk.

Many distributors select our full support package that includes all product, data processing, pre-pack, return privileges, invoicing and shipping for a flat percentage of retail. This option is ideal for the distributor that wants to eliminate risk and the cash flow problems associated with invoicing and collections.

Another popular distributor option is to purchase at wholesale list and pay for other services such as pre-pack and tally, shipping, brochures and prize programs separately. This option gives the distributor a pricing edge and allows for independent flexibility.

Either way, S’Kool Smartz is your partner in delivering the best catalog fundraising services to your customer...


We warehouse so you don't have to.
S’Kool Smartz, Inc. maintains over 40,000 square feet of warehouse space. We pre-stock our inventories prior to the start of each season. As the season progresses, our staff constantly monitors program forecasts and unit sales to make appropriate stock adjustments. These proactive measures are necessary to insure prompt delivery of your order.

Data Processing.

The tedious work no one likes to do.
The manual process of tabulating program order sheets can be overwhelming. The larger your orders, the bigger this task grows. S’Kool Smartz has a trained, efficient staff which quickly and accurately processes your program orders, entering them in our fundraising information system. Once computerized, reports are generated giving you a clear picture of your program. The Program Coordinator Worksheet, Sales Leader Ranking, and Teacher Collection Worksheet are valuable tools you use to make the distribution of product and prizes a breeze.

On-Line Program Tracker.

Check the status of your programs at our website.
Distributors use this system to register programs with S’Kool Smartz, then track the progress of each order through fulfillment. Program reports are easily ‘downloaded’ from the system when ready. Distributors may elect to be notified by email when an order status changes.

Pre-Pack and Master Box.

This standard service streamlines your delivery process.
S’Kool Smartz organizes each shipment at the direction of the Distributor. Each participant’s order is clearly marked and sequenced for easy distribution when the order arrives. Orders can be grouped by class or team for larger organizations. This service helps you project a professional image to your customer.

Prize Programs.

Special incentives to promote larger orders.
Every program can benefit from an incentive program. Whether program participants are grade-schoolers or adults, the proper prize program will encourage broader and deeper participation. S’Kool Smartz offers a number of prize programs from which to choose. Pick the program to best stimulate sales in your target organization, and we’ll either pack the prizes with appropriate participant’s order, or ship them separately for a more formal presentation ceremony.

Drop Shipping.

By the case or piece.
We’re pleased to offer this new service to facilitate delivery.