!!!FINAL Farmhouse Delights HR

Our candle wax is a unique soy blend, designed to retain fragrance longer and burn cleaner. We hand pour each candle to ensure the highest levels of consistency. • Made from the finest ingredients • Long-lasting scents & candles • Safe for indoor or outdoor use. • Great gifts for friends and family • Made in the USA. 9200 Vanilla Bean 9202 Apple Cobbler 9204 Fresh Linen 9206 Cinnamon Stick 9210 Vanilla Bean 9212 Apple Cobbler 9214 Fresh Linen 9216 Cinnamon Stick 9220 Vanilla Bean 9222 Apple Cobbler 9224 Fresh Linen 9226 Cinnamon Stick 9230 Vanilla Bean 9232 Apple Cobbler 9234 Fresh Linen 9236 Cinnamon Stick All candles come in a natural cream color to coordinate with your home decor. • 8 oz. candle • 40-50 hour burn time.